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As a personal design project,  I created a ficticous airline brand named for my current town, Yucca Valley, California. I chose colors reminiscent of mid-century design yet modern enough to fly in 2023. I wanted the logo to be simple, but recognizable. Trustworthy, but friendly. I  incorporated a stylized symbol of my town plant: a flowering desert yucca.
"Yucca Valley Airlines, a fledgling airline serving the high desert and meeting the demand for quick travel between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, as well as other regional destinations."

I created an Instagram account for this "new airline" to create a buzz and soon had over 300 followers and requests for updates on when this service would be available! That confirmed that I was on to something. Because Joshua Tree, with its immense amount of AirBnbs, is a vacation destination for weary city-dwellers from nearby Los Angeles, an airline to whisk them away fulfills a need for those who don't want to put up with clogged freeways, delays and weekend traffic. Could this actually become a real airline? Build the brand and they will come? With a secret partner who works in the aviation industry, I am working on making this project a reality. Stay tuned for operations at Yucca Valley Airport in the future!

Below: Instagram slides for each of the "destinations" YVA passengers can enjoy. I intentionally kept them minimal and mysterious as a strategy to build intrigue and excitement for the airline brand. All photography by me.

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