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Hi, I'm Julie, a graphic designer living near Joshua Tree, California. My design career began, apparently, at the age of 13 with these hand-drawn type samples from 1982. My love of typography has not waned, though the choice of fonts has gotten a little better. My interests are mathematics, science, aviation, and data visualization. I love sharing data and information through captivating and engaging design. 

An early foray into the intricacies of design and math in 1982 at age 13.

Why "CAMELS"? I thought it contained a good sampling of letterforms.

This is my office, a small casita behind my house. Since my address is 7532 (the first 4 primes in reverse order) and the casita is approximately 1/10 the square footage of my house, I made an address for the casita: 0.7532, since it's a fraction of the large house. Not everyone who visits gets it... and that's OK.

Sometimes I think the pinnacle of design is mid-century Dover mathematics book covers. I canvassed my studio wall in mathematics covers to keep me inspired.

A shelf of alluring math objects from my collection.

In May 2015 I was featured as one of the "Top 60 Most Fascinating People of Los Angeles" by the LA Weekly in the People of 2015 issueThe article featured my company The Particle Zoo which brought the technical world of particle physics to a level understandable by the general public via whimsical, handmade plush toys.

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