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Globally, there were a total of 94 airliner accidents in 2023 which fell into 15 categories, asdefined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).Last year was one of the safest years on record for commercial airline operations with no fatal jet engine accidents. There were, however, 7 fatal accidents involving turboprop or piston-enginepassenger airplanes, totaling 107 fatalities. Most accidents were not fatal, but did result in serious injury or damage to the aircraft. Not all accidents happened in the air—many occurred on the ground—and 12.8% are of unknown cause at this time, though with further investigation may be narrowed down into categories. Turbulence during flights is increasing as more warm air is now in the upper atmosphere, however there were no fatal accidents due to turbulence in 2023. The totality of fatal crashes fell into three categories: loss of control in flight, runway excursion (veering off or over-running the runway) and unknown.


This piece was published on Voronoi on Mar 20, 2024.

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