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In these two infographics, I show the 8 phases of flight for a commercial jet trip and how they relate to accident rates as reported by Airbus and Boeing. In the visualization above, I used the latest data from the last decade. Boeing had a similar graphic in their Annual Report but I thought I could do better. Because I have an interest in aviation, this was an enjoyable project and I learned a lot about color. Generally speaking, the flight phases of final approach and landing remain to this day the phases where most accidents happen. With this information, safeguards and emerging technologies have been put in place during these crucial times, making flying safer for everyone.


In the lower graphic, I chart the same data, but for the last 50 years and highlight the historically worst accident for each phase. The best database for this information is the Aviation Safety Network who do a stellar job of recording and reporting each and every accident. Their site, however has much room for improvememt with design and user experience, so my goal was to envision what is could look like if the data were visualized in a colorful, pleasing way.

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