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In November 2023, I launched an online retail shop to sell my infographic math posters and designs. All products are 100% designed by me and I built the shop using the Shopify platform. The site is a central place to share my mathematical art, educational materials and showcase the beauty of geometry and tessellation on drinkware, accessories and wearables.

The product I am most proud of is a deck of 175 information cards, the Geometric Solids of the 3rd Dimension. This educational card deck features a varied assortment of different 3D shapes from geometry along with their basic components, nets and other pertinent information for education and discovery. I will be creating a Kickstarter campaign for the deck in 2024.

Because I will also be selling original art and infographics pertaining to aviation, I chose the name "Point Line Plane" for its double entendre: "plane" as in geometry, but also as in "airplane". This covers my dual interests in math and aviation under one umbrella brand.

Visit the shop:

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