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In this infographic, I show all the shapes of geometry as they translate up through the dimensions. For example, a triangle in 2D will translate into a tetrahedron in 3D and it continues up through all the higher dimensions to infinity! Inspired by mathematician Matt Parker's book Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension, The Shapescape focuses on polyhedra, convex solids of the 3rd dimension, our dimension. But it also features oddities like The Friendly Giant, an unexpected regular solid that only exists in dimension 196,883! Also, a few impossible objects are shown in the margin. The poster is for discovery and inspiration, but mostly because I find these shapes so beautiful. They hold so much hidden and wondrous math if you study them. I could look at the Shapescape poster all day. In fact, you can order one for yourself on my site Point Line Plane.

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