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This data visualization was my second entry to the May 2023 Visual Capitalist Creator Challenge. The contest centered on the topic of international trade and VC reccommended two online datasets. Beyond those constraints, we were free to tell any story we could from the vast amount of data on countries, commodities and natural resources. 

2nd Entry: Import/Export Ratios
For this one, I focused on the guidebook Visual Capitalist provided for optimizing mobile design. Once again, because the dataset has so many stories waiting to be discovered, it was difficult to choose which one to dive into. So I asked myself, What do I personally want to know about the world when it comes to international trade? The answer was a simple question: Who imports the most and who exports the most? Where do the major economies and most populous countries stand on this spectrum?

This graphic was published on Voronoi on Nov 5, 2023.

CHART TYPE: Choropleth Map 

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