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The Köppen climate classification system divides the world into 30 different regions according to annual temperature and moisture. Based on the work of German-Russian climatologist Wladimir Köppen in 1884, this system contains so much data, I realized there were many different ways to compare and contrast countries, cities and world regions. After much research, I decided on a simple chart that groups world cities by similar climate. When designing an infographic, I always keep the reader in mind and assume they know nothing about the topic. What is the best visual way to explain the data in the simplest manner, which also invites someone in to explore the topic?


Because so many of the climate zones did not contain any large world cities, I added a second graphic which covers almost all of the zones by mapping countries to their US counterparts due to the fact that the US is the country with the most zones. I found this an entertaining way to relate to the climates of other cities.

This graphic was published on Voronoi on November 6, 2023.

CHART TYPES: Scatter Plot, Matrix Chart, Map 

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