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13 September 2023

It's almost here! I am putting the finishing touches on the soft launch of my brand and online store for products that merge mathematics and design. It will be a mashup of STEM learning posters, mathematical art and geometric glassware and wearables. I wouldn't make something I wouldn't wear or use myself! This has been a project on the back burner for way too long! Check back soon for the link to POINT LINE PLANE.

9 August 2023

As a coincidental birthday present, my Visual Capitalist Creator Program winning graphic was published today! Newly improved and updated, you can see the final visual here. I am so happy to now be a Creator Program Ambassador.

2 August 2023

I super happy to be highlighted in this month's Creator Newsletter from Visual Capitalist. It's a monthly newsletter for the Creator community and showcases recent work as well as industry trends, Creator program updates and best practices when it comes to creating infographics. Right up my alley! I'm also happy to have Creator Program Ambassador status. 

Also today my video interview by Will Sutton went up! Tableau IronViz winner Will has a video series called "Behind the VIz" on his YouTube channel. In Season 1, Episode 4 I talk about my winning viz on Where American Gets its Food From for Visual Capitalist, in which I won 2nd place in their contest on visualizing world trade. I'm super pleased with how the video came out and how well Will got the essence and 3 takeaways from my process of creating the visual. Enjoy!

30 June 2023

Just in the time for the deadline, I submitted my proposal for my piece "Visualizing A Billion in 2 and 3 Dimensions and in Time" to the Information+ Conference, happening in Edinburgh, Scotland in November and sponsored by the University of Edinburgh. This dataviz conference looks like it will be an exciting and informative experience and I hope I get to go (whether as attendee or exhibitor). I have always wanted to go to Scotland and the exhibition space, InSpace at the Institute for Informatics  is right up my alley. 

14 June 2023
I won second place in the Visual Capitalist Creator Program Challenge! It was such an honor to be chosen and I worked hard, so it feels good to be rewarded. Here is my winning graphic. There was no limit to the number of graphics allowed, so I submitted 3 visualizations during the month-long contest. The winning graphic turned out to be the final one submitted. I guess I had warmed up well and hit the target! It was a great learning experience and I will always look at produce labels when grocery shopping to see if they match what I found in the data! If it wasn't grown here in the U.S., it probably came from Mexico!

Also since today is Flag Day, I have posted an essay on the best datavizzes about flags on my Medium blog.

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